euroquímica protective coatings and industrial paints



Construction and maintenance

  • Passive protection against fire

    Products and systems for the passive protection against fire of constructive elements. They are coatings, varnishes and fireproof, intumescent and / or ablative paints, capable of delaying the impact of the materials protected from the attack of the fire.Meet our products
  • Anticorrosion

    Products and systems for anticorrosion protection of metals, usually carbon steel, but also galvanized steel, Corten steel, cast steel, aluminum, zinc and other metal alloys. Meet our products
  • Floors and pavements

    Products and systems for the protection and decoration of floors and floors, usually in concrete, but also in cement, tiles, terrazzo or other materials. Meet our products
  • Waterproof products

    Products and systems for vertical and horizontal waterproofing in buildings and installations, normally applied on concrete and building materials. Meet our products
  • Sanitary

    Products with the particular mission of protecting the substrates on which it is applied, without emitting any harmful compound to the atmosphere or the environment that surrounds them. Meet our products
  • Pipes and ducts

    Products and systems for protection against corrosion, abrasion and weathering of all types of industrial boiler elements, tanks, pipes, ducts, silos, generally constructed of carbon steel sheets, as well as concrete blocks. Meet our products

Industrial paints

  • High vacuum metalization

    High Vacuum Metallization is a technique that allows the application of metal vapor over plastic, glass or other metals elements, in order to provide them with a vaporized metal superficial layer. Meet our products
  • Capsules

    Adapted products for protection and decoration of capsules for wine and champagne bottles, as well as liquors and other beverages. They are designed for the most diverse supports, being the most common the tin capsules, as well as aluminum, PVC complex aluminum and PVC plastic. Meet our products
  • Industrial vehicles

    Protection and decoration of industrial parts. Systems for protection and decoration of all kinds of industrial vehicles, trucks, cranes, dump trucks, garbage trucks, containers, tractors, agricultural machinery, motor cultivators, motorcycles, caravans, machinery... Meet our products
  • Glass

    Protection and decoration of glass and crystal material. Products developed for protection and decoration of glass elements, whether flat or hollow (bottles and othe kind of containers). Meet our products
  • Metal parts

    Clear coats and paints for metal industry, to be applied over substrates generally made of metals or noble alloys such as aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel … Meet our products
  • Plastic parts

    Paints and clear coats created for protection and decoration of all kinds of plastic parts. In this family of products it is fundamental to know the nature of the support to be decorated. Meet our products
  • Stove dried paints

  • Pipes and boiler protection

  • Automotive (AM)

    Paints and coatings specially created to reach the highest expectations of both protection and decoration purposes in plastic and metal parts of automobile industry (internal parts: vehicles, keypads, metallic interior structure, trims… Exterior trims: hubcaps, rims, mirrors, grilles, optical grilles…) Meet our products
  • Auxiliary products

  • Stone elements